Ministry of Supply – Technical Business Attire

There’s a new “performance” clothing line called Ministry of Supply that offers a technical version of traditional men’s business attire. Now, in case you’re thinking that performance + business attire + technical don’t all belong in the same description, peep this video:

Started in late 2010 at MIT, Ministry of Supply has a vision for what business wear should be – truly adaptive to the human body. Their team combines diverse backgrounds, with past experiences working on the iPhone at Apple, designing with IDEO, doing investment banking in London, operations consulting at Deloitte, non-profit work, and yes, designing space suits at MIT.

Here’s why the line is unique:

Ministry of Supply’s clothing items feature moisture management to keep you dry, odor control to keep the fabric from holding onto any unpleasant smells, and “dynamic motion” technology to make the pants comfortable to wear and the shirts tucked in all day. And guys, the items also stay wrinkle-free.