Butt-Chugging? Really? You can’t make this stuff up.

If there is any truth to college kids (no matter the sexual orientation) giving themselves an alcohol enema, all I can say is ‘God help us all.’ Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up! I’m trying to picture what may have played out here with this University of Tennessee student because I’m a real visual person:

  • During pledge night, the Pi Kappa Alpha “brothers” get a bunch of Franzia boxed wine
  • Everyone begins doing Franzia bongs – drinking lots of it quickly with a hose
  • Alexander Broughton says at some point: “Guys, have you heard of butt-chugging?”
  • Pi Kappa Alpha guys say: “No, what the hell is that?”
  • Alexander Broughton drops his drawers and says: “Gimma that hose bitches!”
  • What happens next is too graphic to explain, but as you can imagine it involves him taking the hose and putting it up his rectum.
  • A half hour later he’s rushed to the hospital with alcohol poisoning, bleeding from his backside.