Moleskine and Evernote create the Smart Notebook

Having just finished out my graduate degree in Digital Media at the University of Washington, I can tell you right now: I wouldn’t have been able to stay as organized as I was without Evernote and Dropbox. Dropbox allowed me to work on assignments on both my work PC and my home MacBook Pro- seamlessly. As for Evernote, I took countless notes of lectures over the last few years and was able to view them on my iPhone/iPad while on the bus heading into work etc. It was awesome. Both of these apps have been killer for me and instrumental in my academic productivity.

Today at Evernote’s Trunk conference, the company announced a partnership with the popular analog notebook maker Moleskine. They’ve collaborated on a special, $24.95 notebook called the Evernote Smart Notebook which has a unique digital component to it. You can make use of the Evernote app to take a picture of any page in your notebook and everything is immediately made available and searchable in Evernote. It also comes with stickers that you can use to specify a certain tag or notebook, so that when you take a picture of a page the app will automatically sort it properly. For now it looks like it only works with Evernote’s iOS app which was updated today. Available for pre-order now at $24.95 and $29.95, it will be available October 1st.