Biking to work in Seattle can be as competitive as the Tour De France

Living in Seattle, WA can be tough at times, especially  if  you don’t fit into the citywide cross-fit, granola, composting type mold that so many do. Don’t get me wrong, my wife and I value fitness and eating right, but we’re not incessantly competitive about it. Everyone seems to be hyper competitive here in just about every way:  fitness, health, the environment, politics, activism, raising children… the list goes on and on.

Cycling into work this morning I encountered a couple of Lance Armstrong jocks who seemed really eager to get to work. These guys embodied the ‘Seattle racing bicyclist’ with their spandex clad selves. Their fancy outfits and excessive speeds made me feel as though I was jockeying for 4th position in the Tour de France (see picture). Really guys? Get off the ‘roids and just have fun.

Me jockeying for 4th position, behind a lady, who like me just wants to bike to work – not race to work.