Lifetime Collective – Fall/Winter 2012

I love Lifetime. Found mostly in smaller boutique stores, this little apparel company isn’t so little anymore! Check out this lovely video, shot on location in Iceland:

The story takes place a thousand (or so) miles from home, in Iceland, land of the never-ending night sky. A couple searches for warmth and light on an endless journey through a city and it’s countryside.

Driving tirelessly through darkness in search of perfect daylight, only to watch it fade to orange and slip away again. We searched and discovered new ways to befriend this wonderful place, danced blind and drunk on the snowy streets of Reykjavik. We collaborated on the score with our friend and newest member of the collective Edo Van Breemen, who collected snippets of sound and lyrics from the landscape, transforming the entire journey into a recording studio. We worked together, played together, ate together, and (somehow) returned home together.

Location: Iceland
Directed/Produced by: Salazar
Styled by: Mila Franovic
Score by: Edo Van Breemen (Resorts) ft. Katie Swinwood