Fashion Dad’s Top 10 New Year’s Fashion Resolutions

Research shows that only 12% of those who make New Year’s Resolutions actually achieve their goals (Wikipedia). That’spretty crazy when you think about it, I mean, why even bother setting out to loose that weight or work out more when you likely won’t be still working towards those goals in February? Well men, I have another set of New Year’s Resolutions for you all to set and agree to for 2012. Call it a fashion resolution. Trust me guys- it’s a good list. Your wife or girlfriend will definitely be stoked.

1. Clean out the closet

Anything you haven’t worn in the past year, needs to be given away or thrown out. I keep telling myself this year after year but I never end up getting rid of the stuff. Why are you keeping it man, seriously?

2. Clean out the sock drawer

Socks and underwear that predate your present relationship need to be thrown out. Period. There’s nothing more tacky than a pair of socks with holes in the heel. If you’re reading this post, you have enough money to go out and buy some new socks. Go out and get some today, but don’t buy all white ones. See #6 for help with what to buy.

3. Wear more plain clothes

Wearing less logo or big branded clothing should be a must for 2012. Keep it simple. Loose the t-shirts and sweatshirts with the slogans and large logos on them. You’re not 16 years old, are you? Get yourself a plain navy blue or dark grey hoody and call it good.

4. Buy yourself a new pair of jeans

I see a lot of dads lurking around with jeans they probably were wearing 8-10 years ago. While they might still fit you, times have changed! The cut has gotten a lot more form fitting. Yes, they’ve gotten skinnier. You don’t need to run out and buy “skinny jeans,” but you should get yourself some jeans that don’t look like bell bottoms.

5. Wear a tie more often

This one might be hard for a lot of you, but listen carefully to what I’m asking here. I’m not talking about wearing a suit and tie everyday. No. You can however buy a nice new plain colored tie and wear it with that favorite shirt and sweater of yours. Just show off the top of the tie, let it poke out of the sweater’s neck. Nothing to fancy, but you’ll get a lot of compliments at work, on the street and from the wifey. For info on what types of ties to buy, check out the post I did here on

6. No more white socks

If you’re like me, you wore white socks 24/7 until you got married. Hell, you’re probably still wearing them. What’s the big deal, right? Argyle socks are for the metrosexuals aren’t they? Not entirely. Women like us in non-white socks. It’s sexy to them in a weird way and rather than trying to understand it altogether, just go out and buy some more dark socks. Preferably with patterns on them.

7. Don’t wear cologne

Who the heck where’s cologne anymore? If you do, why? What are you trying to hide? It’s pretty outdated man. All you need is a good stick of deodorant and you’ll be fine. Women care more about your communication and listening skills than if you smell like CK One or Dolce Cabana. No cologne in 2012.

8. Buy a nice watch

Early on in my relationship with my wife, I was told to lose the man bracelet. She informed me that watches were pretty much the only man jewelry I was allowed to wear. This particularly sucked for me because for some reason I’ve always liked to accessorize. (Disclaimer, I’m aware of what this sounds like but I don’t care). Not only are watches great for obvious time telling reasons, they’re great now for looking sharp as a dad.

9. Don’t tuck your shirt in

The same types of wear cologne likely tuck their shirts in. Follow this link here over to the site I used to write for for a great on article on why you shouldn’t tuck in your shirt. There are some 530+ comments on it so you know its a topic that’s fueled by supporters on both sides. My advice, just don’t tuck it in unless you’re at a wedding or a funeral.

10.  Stay well groomed

Beware of the rogue nose hair, eyebrow hair, shoulder hair and ear hair. I don’t know why we as men have to deal with this as we get older and women don’t – but we do. Stay on top of this @#$@ though! Get yourself a nice trimmer if you didn’t get one for Christmas. It’ll be the best thing you ever did for yourself. Eff you rogue eyebrow hair!

There you have it. Ten fun and easy things to have or add to for your 2012 New Year’s Resolutions. I’d love to hear from you on these. Feel free to add to them as well – I’m sure I left some out! Guys, here’s to another fashionable year being a father!