Clarisonic – The 60 Second Facial Spa Treatment in Your Own Bathroom

Editor’s note: I was given the Clarisonic as a gift from two friends who do social media for Clarisonic. In exchange, I was asked to review it from a ‘man’s point of view.’ This review is my own and I wasn’t given any other specific guidelines to follow.

I’m a ‘shower a day’ kind of guy and it has to be in the morning. If I don’t take a shower, I usually end up leaving my house feeling gross, not quite woken up, and overall in a bad mood. I’m also a new father, and being a new father means I’ve somewhat developed a new sense of flexibility that I didn’t really have before my son was born.

For example, when you’re in a hurry to get your family out the door to be somewhere on Saturday or Sunday morning – you don’t always have the luxury of taking that long, hot shower you want to. That said, a lot of guys would probably just splash water on their face to wake up and call it good. I don’t have to do that though now that I have a Clarisonic.

What the heck is a Clarisonic anyway?

Do you remember the Sonicare toothbrush? Well, Clarisonic technology is from the same makers of the Sonicare. At its core, Clarisonic works the same way only on your face. You hold it in your hand, put some cleanser gel on it, press a button – and off you go on a 60 second deep cleansing facial nirvana-like experience. OK, that was a dramatic example of what it does to your face, but there really is no other way to describe it – even as a straight man.

Men – below are some compelling reasons to get one of these for your signifant other this Christmas!


It really is super easy to use. Since it works on a timer, it lets you know when each 15-20 second interval is up indicating that it’s time to move on to your forehead or other side of your face. The version I have only has one button on it – could it be any easier?


The housing of this thing is completely sealed up making it 100% waterproof. This means you can, errrr, I mean she can use it in the shower. Since my wife doesn’t like to leave anything out in the open in and around our sink it’s great for leaving in the shower.


It has one of those rechargable bases – meaning that you just dock it when you’re done each time and you never have to really deal with any cords. Again, it couldn’t be easier.


It’s not big at all and can easily fit in a cosmetic bag for a weekend trip somewhere. Also, the charge is pretty good so you wouldn’t even need to take the rechargeable base.

All in all, this is a really great additional item to have in your bathroom for daily and/or in my case – emergency situations where you need to quickly wash your face and wake yourself up. The Mia, as its called, is approximately $120 ad only comes with the charger. For optimum results, you’ll need to also purchase their specific cleansers to use with your Mia/Mia 2. Click here for more information.