MiiR Bottles – Water for All

MiiR is more than just a bottle company. I mean, stainless steel bottles are on every retail shelf right now. MiiR knows that they’re not doing anything super groundbreaking with their bottles. It’s really the back-story of their one4one program that separates them from all the water bottles.

From their website: “Nearly a billion people struggle to survive everyday because they don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. Now there’s an easy way for you to help. MiiR’s one4one initiative is helping provide water to those who need it most.” Their on4one program is structured in the following way: one dollar of each MiiR bottle you purchase provides one person with clean water for one year. The full $1 donation, all 100 pennies, will go directly to those in need. Clean water transforms lives, communities and generations — and at a surprisingly low cost. Just $20 can provide clean water for one person for 20 years.

As part of my transparency disclaimer, you need to know that my buddy @traviswals works for MiiR. In talking with him about why they haven’t tried penetrating all the big box retailers, he shared his concerns with me: “There’s just too many bottles on the shelves right now. We don’t want to be yet another bottle company on one of those shelves. We have a story to tell. We want our customers to be educated about what we’re doing with the one4one program.”

With their unique designs, MiiR bottles certainly stand out. They have art inspired bottles, plain bottles, bottles they’ve collaborated with artists on and even the super-clean-looking-powder-coated-matte finished bottles. They also offer $200 to anyone who uploads their artwork – should MiiR decide to use it on a bottle! Anyway, these guys are as legit as their cause. I encourage you to check out MiiR.com for more info and hook yourself up with a one of a kind bottle for a one of a kind cause!

The colorful skins. So many options, what to do?!

Quick video on MiiR and their one4one program. Very inspiring!