“Dad is great, he gives me Morning Star Nuggets!”

I had a Bill Cosby moment this morning with my two year old. As he and I went into the kitchen to get him something to eat, I opened the refrigerator door and asked him: “What do you want to eat?” He quickly closed the refrigerator door and reached down to open up the freezer door. I tried to stop him, but thought, OK let’s see what he wants! I was almost sure he was going to go for a Popsicle, instead he reached for the Morning Star Chik’n Nuggets.  

For a split second I remembered a time in the car when my family and I were on a road trip listening to Bill Cosby’s classic “Dad is great, he brings me the Chocolate Cake” bit in the car. I then looked down at my son and back at the Morning Star Nuggets and then back at my son. How could I say no? He was just too cute. Yes, dad’s use the word “cute” too. I went on to cook four nuggets for him and served them up on a plate with a squirt of ketchup. He was so stoked. I could almost hear him say: “Dad is great, he gives me the Morning Star Nuggets!”

My subsequent text exchange with the wifey…

The inspiration: Bill Cosby’s bit on Chocolate Cake.