Crock Pot Girls – Doing Social Right or Simply Satisfying a Need?

My wife was chatting with me on IM today and mentioned something she saw called the Crock Pot Girls on Facebook. She said she was all fired up to “start using our crock pot more” and I was like “cool!” Then I checked out their Facebook page and noticed that they had 480,000 “likes” and began to do some poking around on their page. Upon digging some more, I saw that their info link said that they had only launched the Facebook page eleven days earlier on August 19th.

Now, coming from someone who works at a Social Media Agency I can tell you that this is no easy thing to do. It’s actually amazing and quite possibly an anomaly if truly achieved all organically in nature. Clients of ours would die to achieve a quarter of that growth in eleven days, and these are nationally recognized brands we’re talking about! Still, as I write this the Crock Pot Girls page has already been “liked” more than 2500 times and they are now at 610,369 likes.

The remarkable thing about this is that these girls didn’t seem to do anything special. They just filled a felt need. There are no fancy bells and whistles to their Facebook page: no interactive tabs, no “Like” us for a chance to win an iPad – just a couple of pictures of three ‘soccer mom looking’ women holding their crock pots. It appears that all they sought to do was harness Facebook for a free community page so they could share their recipes with the world and have the world share their recipes with them.

I’m actually thrilled that this is still happening on the Internet. The Crock Pot Girls prove that some things still do not need to be bought. Because communities cannot be bought.