Caspar Babypants Live in Seattle!

If you never heard of Caspar Babypants and I told you that my wife and I took our 2 year old to a loud Rock Concert, you’d probably seriously question my parenting. But, since Caspar Babypants is for children and is lead by the lead singer of the President’s of the United States of America, you’re probably OK with it, right? Well you should be!

Never before have I seen so many happy kids at an outdoor concert in a park! They were all rockin’ out with their little hands waving in the air, feet stomping around in the front just like a “big boy” concert. Oliver had so much fun there. You can see from the photos above that Chris Ballew has “pied piper” skills when it comes to getting a bunch of little toddlers and kids excited about music. I have to say, he really wowed the parents as well by playing for a solid 90 minutes straight. It was just great to see a bunch of married dads up on the stage performing for kids.