Tech and Fashion – QR Codes and Clothing

With mobile technology being a permanent fixture in our culture now, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t start being part of our fashion too, right? Well, with QR Codes printed on apparel – digital now meets textile. A QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode that stands for Quick Response. No doubt you’ve seen them before – probably most recently in a magazine advertisement or on a billboard or poster. They are readable by cameras and mobile phones. Once it’s scanned, the information in the code will most like likely point you to a URL somewhere online.

While QR Codes on t-shirts and scarfs are nothing new, Seattle designer Sam Trout is pushing the geek chic a bit further with his new QR Code t-shirt line.  Says the designer: “with the QR code as its base, the men’s design adds strength and boldness across the chest, while the women’s design adds length and accentuates the waist and neckline.”


Men’s QR Code-a-licious……………………………….Women’s QR Code-a-licious

When you scan the codes on the shirt, you’ll see different photos chosen by Trout. He intends on announcing a scavenger hunt at a later date that will start from one of the codes on the shirt with prizes awarded to the winners. Check out his site for more info. For info on where to find an app that works for your phone, check out this link: