Hövding – Invisible Airbag Helmet for Cyclists

In my last post I looked at QR Codes and clothing. Swedish company Hövding takes blending technology into stylish apparel to new futuristic heights with the introduction of the Chieftain. It’s an airbag that’s worn as a scarf!

The Chieftain is a bicycle helmet unlike anything available on the market today. A stylish, ergonomic, handy helmet that meets all safety requirements, while remaining unobtrusive and it blends right in with your other clothes.

From their site:

“Chieftain is a collar that the cyclist wearing around his neck. The collar contains a folded airbag which is visible only when you find yourself in an accident. Airbag is designed as a hood that surrounds and protects the rider’s head. Release mechanism is controlled by sensors that detects the abnormal motion of the cyclist in an accident.

The actual collar is the visible part of the invention. The shells of the collar may be removed and replace to match different outfits, and will ever be launched in the new collections. Chieftain is a practical, handy accessory that is easy to carry, which is stylish and unobtrusive in its design, while it saves your life.”