Mashable’s Summermash 2010 – Seattle, WA

My buddy Dave ( beat me to the punch with a blog post about this before me. So, like a re-tweet, I’m just going to re-post his post and link back to him. Look out social media, the Socialrazzi is coming for you.

“On Saturday, Mashable made it’s first stop in Seattle for their Summer U.S. Tour and Eric Burgess and I had the opportunity to meet the CEO & Founder Pete Cashmore and the rest of his team. We attended the event representing our new social media project running around filming and interviewing everyone. Unfortunately, we didn’t have an external mic so my camera picked up a lot of background noise from the crowd. I’ll be spending most of my time this week cleaning up the audio and hope to have our video online by Friday. So stay tuned!

Overall the event was fun and it was well worth the $25 ticket price. You can’t beat free food and an open bar! Check out Mashable’s photos from the event on their flickr:

Dave Lee